Federico De Angelis is an Italian photographer.
His university studies in sociology sparked his interest for the human form, which he chose to explore through the lens of a camera. Having had the opportunity of training as an assistant to a number of diverse photographers: from Mario Testino to Mert & Marcus, he was able to develop a very personal aesthetics and technique.
His aesthetic research starts from a constantly deconstructed and destabilized classical model. The focus is on the vital aspect of the subject, which may be formally beautiful, but is never perfect.
His sets feed on emotions, improvisations, and unexpected events; therefore rather than abstraction, a continuous connection with the subject is established. The diversities as well as the physical and psychological characteristics of his subjects are always the starting point, they are brought to light for their truth and intrinsic beauty.
Therefore De Angelis is not in search of an artificial, distorted or paradoxical diversity, but of a simple and radical one.